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I'm so glad Jenna made this community.

Some stuff I'm proud of, drawings here and there, poems writen from a year ago, some stuff done on the computer with pictures I've taken. Criticism would be good, so would be compliments. Heh. I'm trying to tweak some things and decide what goes in and out of my portfollio.

A couple poems;


Your lungs are screaming as you hold that cancer stick to your mouth
Your eyes shine of yellow from everything that you are on
Your nose flares open as you bring that tube closer to it
Your bones shiver and chatter, making depressing serenades
Your hair spins about as you shake
Vomit shoots from your mouth, flying into the toilet
Your brain shrinks and withers away every day you go on
Bruises are conquering your skin
The drugs start to conquer you
Soon you have conquered the casket.

Mr. No Ears

Through you, I noticed all I ever really wanted was a pair of interested ears.
But I never got them from you.
I leanred that from every pause you gave me
I was almost guaranteed a chance to speak.
A guarantee that was a lie.
At a medium pace I make my way back home
Away from you, away from your evil house.
That creaking old hell hole brings back miserable memories anyway.
At least at my home I won't be ashamed to be me.
Into my room I go, close the doors, lock them tight.
Get into my bed, hide for a night.
Until the shrilling calls awake my state of sleep.
And I have to put up with you, Mr. No Ears, once again.

a cover for a mixed tape I did. the background picture was taken by me, the colors changed around so the lettering could be seen.

this cover was for a ska mixed tape i never made:

some drawings i've done when im bored; a lot i've lost, ones that were my favorites.

blurry because i took a picture of it. not one of my favorites, none the less.


This was made for my friend sarah [duh]

some lame photography

i always thought this was a picture you find in a magazine:

if you know anything about photography, the combination of horizontal and vertical lines actually came out surprisingly good.

extra points if you name the book!!!!!!!!

more later. pleaaaaaase give me advice/criticism/compliments. I need it.

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